As the first innovation competition focusing on the home electronics, "DESIGN MY LIFE" competition is to encourage ghana's college students to come up with innovative home electronic design ideas that can lead a better life by combining their knowledge and life experience.


September 30th, 2022: Competiton opens;
October 30th, 2022: Registration ends at 11:59PM Ghana Time;
November 2nd, 2022: Winner name are announced


1st place: Syinix FD120AF01 Refrigerator
2nd - 4th place: Syinix 32E51 TV
5th - 9th place: Syinix Swallow Maker


Everyone is welcomed to participate in the competition.
However, Syinix employees(including interns) will not be counted as winning teams even if they win.
The winning names will be determined by the competition committee based on the leaderboard scores from the evluation rules as well as the technical merits of the solutions.


1.Participate in the competition with any of these two ways below:

1.1 A wish - Describing an innovative home appliance idea you have, E.g. "I want to create a machine that can be used to cook fufu automatically", and fill in the ideas into the template1*.
1.2 A Design - Share a product structure designed by a design software or hand-painted, such as the template2*.

2.After fill in one of the template, and then Send it to before 11:59pm 30th October Ghana Time.

Evaluation Rules

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Download Template

*Syinix brand remains the final say of the campaign

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